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Custom Drill Jig

Drill Jig for River Ridge Landscaping

This is a custom-designed and fabricated Drill Jig. AIH Manufacturing designed this custom item for River Ridge Landscaping.  The company makes “Campfire Candle,” for back yard patios and outdoor camping events. The design included a standalone structure and a hole drilling process for the logs to implement a flame element. These are great for decorating…

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Participating in a New Invention

Trebro Sod Havester Billings

AIH owners helped develop an innovative machine Don & Mike Tvetene of AIH Manufacturing were two of the founders of Trebro Manufacturing in Billings Montana—the first company to successfully develop an automated sod grass harvester.  In just seven years, Trebro became a multi-million dollar company selling automatic turf harvesters worldwide. From metal framework fabrication to…

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