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AIH News

Custom Drill Jig

By AIH Manufacturing  01 Mar 2017

This is a custom-designed and fabricated Drill Jig. AIH Manufacturing designed this custom item for River Ridge Landscaping.  The company makes “Campfire Candle,” for back yard patios and outdoor camping events….

Heavy Equipment Repair: Bucket

By AIH Manufacturing  27 Feb 2017

One of AIH Manufacturing’s specialties is metal repairs. The project can be a light metal repair or heavy metal repair such as this large bucket. Heavy Equipment Buckets go through a…

Billings Ejector Box

By AIH Manufacturing  22 Feb 2017

AIH Manufacturing builds and repairs Ejector boxes that are built to endure the hard work they must provide.

Bucket Repair In Billings

By AIH Manufacturing  15 Feb 2017

Heavy Equipment Buckets go through a lot of heavy work and wear. AIH Manufacturing can restore your worn-out bucket and make it better than new.

Our work is strong and clean, here…

Metal Hand Rail for Decks

By AIH Manufacturing  14 Nov 2016

Billings sees new metal hand rail for decks

So many of our customers prefer not to settle for run-of-the-mill solutions or pre-manufactured products. For this new deck, our design and fabrication team…

Metal Enhancements to European Mounts

By AIH Manufacturing  17 Sep 2016

Decorative Metal Design

One of customers requested a special project to enhance his series of European mounts with some custom metal cut out designs. Our team can handle decorative metal projects for…

Heavy Equipment Repair

By AIH Manufacturing  16 Sep 2016

AIH Manufacturing provides heavy equipment repair in Billings

There is simply no piece of metal equipment on a large scale that AIH manufacturing can’t repair or modify for your use. Here is…

Farm & Ranch Equipment Repair and Special Modifications

By AIH Manufacturing  16 Sep 2016

At AIH Manufacturing, our fabrication team works on a variety of Farm & Ranch Equipment. Whether it is a special repair or modification, or a custom piece of hardware big or…

Custom Metal Tool Replication

By AIH Manufacturing  04 Aug 2016

Have an old tool that is no longer produced? No problem. AIH can replicate many tools from something simple to a more complex metal tool. In many cases like the hand…

Heavy Equipment: Bucket repair in Billings

By AIH Manufacturing  15 Jun 2016

Heavy Equipment Repair at AIH Manufacturing in Billings can help get your heavy equipment hardware back to an optimum operating status. With the demands of a heavy loader for example, every…

Make that Farm Utility Vehicle Work for You

By AIH Manufacturing  18 May 2016

Today’s new version of the old All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) are now including new Side by Side Utility Vehicles (UTVs) that have changed the way we conduct our farming, ranching, hunting,…

Custom Metal Hand Rail in Billings

By AIH Manufacturing  07 Apr 2016

While you can purchase a small variety of hand rail assemblies in Billings, the architectural in-store versions might not fit your specific application, or be robust enough for demanding environments or…

Custom Metal Welding spans the Full Spectrum of Needs

By AIH Manufacturing  13 Mar 2016

Custom Design and Metal Fabrication projects is a specialty process at AIH Manufacturing. If you need a metal structure that fits a specific purpose, and simply isn’t available on the market,…

PTO Shaft Repair Billings

By AIH Manufacturing  10 Feb 2016

Find your shaft repair in Billings today. Professional fabricators at AIH Manufacturing are ready to repair any broken shaft you have on your heavy equipment. AIH repairs all types of shafts…

CNC Service in Billings

By AIH Manufacturing  21 Jan 2016

Looking for CNC Service? Billings’ new machine shop at AIH Manufacturing includes CNC Machining—a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control special machine…

Terry Miller

By AIH Manufacturing  12 Jan 2016

Terry Miller has over 20 years of experience in research and development and understands the process of product development all the way to the finished piece.  He is an expert in…

Dallas Borden

By AIH Manufacturing  11 Jan 2016

With 18 years of experience, it is no wonder why Dallas is known as one of the region’s finest welders.  He is a certified welder/fabricator, with expert knowledge in machining, hydraulics,…

Chaz Cormier

By AIH Manufacturing  10 Jan 2016

Chaz Cormier has 10 years of machining experience with CNC and manual machining.  He understands the mission critical job of manufacturing high quality precision parts that are all to spec. Another…

AIH Manufacturing opens their doors

By AIH Manufacturing  02 Jan 2016

AIH Manufacturing opens their doors in Billings Montana for 2016 and beyond. AIH Manufacturing provides services that include Machining, Welding, Custom Design & Fabrication, Hydraulics, Electronics, Design, Repair, Research & Development.