• 5840 Titan Avenue
  • Billings MT 59101

AIH Manufacturing Services

Full Service Heavy Industrial Repair, Machining, and Fabrication Facility

AIH Manufacturing in Billings Montana provides services that include Heavy Equipment Repair, Machining, Welding, and Fabrication.

Our Billings machine shop facilities at 5840 Titan Avenue are spacious for a large variety of metal fabrication and welding projects large and small. AIH equipment includes full spectrum welding, Plasma cutting, CNC computers and machinery, drilling presses, lathes, and grinding.

General Service Areas:

  • Heavy Industrial Equipment Repair
  • Machining
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Construction Equipment Repair
  • Farm Equipment Repair
  • Design and Welding

Heavy Industrial Repair

AIH can repair a wide variety of heavy equipment. If you break a piece or assembly of metal, we can fix it. With decades of combined welding experience, our metal fabrication experts are highly experienced with the repair of broken and faulting metals in farm, mining, and construction equipment, side dumps, scrapers, trailers, excavation blades, PTO shafts, and other various heavy equipment.


You just found Billings’ top notch source for custom metal machining. Accuracy to-spec and fine precision is our mission. Our experienced team of machinists, computer managed shaping and precision machines are well-equipped to produce complex precision turned metal components. From simple shafts, parts and special shapes to complicated and integrated moving parts, our Billings machine shop will impress.


The AIH welding team’s experience is a Billings best for premier welding projects and a large variety of repairs. An expert team of Billings welders looks forward to any metal repair or new project. A large welding facility includes any welding equipment need including arc, TIG, wire feed, and all the finishing gear for a smooth final product or repair.

Custom Metal Design and Fabrication

Our experts can help you design a new metal part, structure or piece of hardware. Bring us your specs or rough idea and we will help you bring your project to life. Our production experts understand the process from beginning design to final metal fabrication.